Request for Modification Policy

When you purchase a solution package from us it includes the existing version of the software package.  Because our software is continuously changing and adapting to the needs of the recycling industry, we offer monthly update & support payments that will allow you to receive continuous updates of the software.

With this, you also receive full RFM (Request For Modification) privileges for the same year. Here is how RFM works:

1. You find something you would like added to the program or a modification to an existing module.

2. You submit the details to us, well documented, by fax or email.

3. We check with other clients using the software in a similar business.

4. In most cases you only request things that everyone can use.

5. If it is determined that it should be a standard feature of the software package, it is included in the next update cycle and made available through our Update feature.

6. If it turns out to be something ONLY your company requires and not a standard feature, you still have an opportunity to have the modification added but at a charge to you.

7. RFM is a standard feature of our “Update/Support” package.

Updates are posted on a regular basis for those that are under contract.

Aaron Taylor
CEO of BuyBackPro, Inc.

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