Prior to the development of BuyBackPro Inc, Everett Duty Sr. (President, BBP) was a software consultant for mid-to-large companies throughout Northern California.  As a creative catalyst and business developer, Everett was called upon to create business solutions that would blend the newest software with the latest hardware.

One of Everett’s clients,  a Scrap Yard (Buy Back Center) also in Northern California, came to him stating that he needed to have software to help him run his business or he would “have get out of the industry entirely.” After carefully studying the flow, process and detail involved at the clients’ scrap yard,

Everett recognized that three things inparticular had to be accomplished in order to create software for the recycling industry. 

1) The software had to be easy to use, or it would not get used at all. 

2) The transactions involved would have to be fast, so as to keep the process going.  A goal of a minute or less was set for transactions. 

3) And thirdly, it would have to help get the user into compliance with State, Local and Federal Laws & Requirements.

Soon after, the first rollout of BuyBackPro, a DOS-based program at the time, was developed and successfully implemented.  Seeing how well the program improved the situation in its initial application, Everett saw that there was a potential to market to and help other Scrap Yards and Recycling Centers.  It was at that time in early 1989 that Everett founded BuyBackPro Incorporated and left his consulting practice to pursue BBP as a family-owned business full time.  He envisioned BBP as a virtual company able to move at the speed of technology without the traditional overhead of most software companies, able to retain its Christian family values and pass along the savings to each and every customer.

For the next several years, the program was enhanced and purchased by many scrap yards across the country.  With the addition of each new customer, more new features were added and the existing ones were refined, all the while maintaining its famous All-In-One Screen.

In 1999, BuyBackPro 2000 was introduced, implementing a MS Access database.  Shortly after, due to the demand for Driver’s License Scanning mandated by many governing agencies, BuyBackPro 7 was released which also added many more advanced features.  This program is still widely used all over the country and is still a very excellent option for many of the smaller “mom and pop” recycle centers and scrap yards.

As an R&D and tech enthusiast, Everett also developed wireless handheld solutions for convenience zones.  These BuyBack Pocket Pro and BuyBack Buddy systems are running in hundreds of locations, with some incorporating a solar charging system.

In June of 2007, after years of development and the addition of a dozen staff and several programming teams, our flagship program, BuyBackPro SQL was released and has dramatically increased the company’s market share.  The fulfillment of Everett’s vision, we refer to BBPSQL as our unlimited version perfect for mid to large companies with unlimited transactions per day and unlimited on-site stations.  Every user feature has unlimited potential to be individualized per company and per user to meet the requirements needed to get into compliance and to do most of the work for you. BBPSQL was designed in the latest Visual Studio environment with the newest version of MS SQL Server for database power and flexibility. 

BBP’s business philosophy positions us as not just another software development company but as a solutions oriented company that partners with Scrap Yard and Recycling businesses.  We retain a well balanced growth approach by servicing new BBP customers while continuing to create exciting new software solutions for generations to come.

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