Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  “If passed, will BuyBackPro SQL satisfy all of the requirements of California Bill AB844?”

A.  “Yes.  Here is a link to the bill:  This Bill has been amended many times by the California State legislature since ’07 and could be instated as early as December 1st, 2008.  If/when it passes, it will impose several strict requirements for scrap dealers throughout the state.  Our software will satisfy all the requirements in the bill to make sure you are in compliance. 

Q.  “Do you integrate with my accounting software?”

A.  “We currently integrate with Quickbooks® (in our full version or as an option) and Peachtree® software.  You also always have the ability to export from our software and then import to your accounting software.”

Q.  “Will I be able to upgrade my inventory with your program?  For example, can I take insulated copper wire and re-grade it to copper #1?.”

A.  “Yes.  We have a tool available (in the full version or as an option) that will adjust or upgrade inventory.  You can also create two codes for each material and re-grade from unfinished to finished or prepared.”

Q.  “What are the limitations of Microsoft SQL Express?”

A.  “Though the program installs with Microsoft SQL Express, some larger clients may choose to upgrade their database to SQL Standard or SQL Enterprise for reasons specific to how they do business.  See the following link for more information about SQL Express:,289483,sid87_gci1082707,00.html .  Speak with your Sales Consultant for details.

Q.  “How soon can you install?”

A.  “If you are purchasing software only, your Sales Consultant can install the program on your computer or laptop via the internet the same day that full payment is received.  If you are purchasing a hardware package to go along with the software, scheduling will depend on the complexity of your order.  Most jobs are installed within 4-6 weeks.”

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