Implementation and Training


Upon receipt of full payment for the software, one of our staff can install the program on to your computer or laptop via the internet to help jump start the implementation process.

If you choose to purchase a hardware solution through BuyBackPro, you will receive what we refer to as a “Certified Install.” All software, drivers and hardware are pre-installed and tested at our Headquarters in Northern California prior to being shipped to your facility.

NOTE: Although recommended, you are not required to purchase hardware through BBP, other than the proprietary Driver’s License scanner and signature/fingerprint pad. If you do wish to purchase your own equipment, please check with us for compatibility. BBP will not be responsible for non-BBP-certified equipment.


We have many different training options available to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our software is extremely easy to use and operate, as many customers “GO LIVE” on the first day. If your staff can perform a hand-written ticket, they can learn to use our system in less than 10 minutes.

In an effort to optimize training and communication, we do request that a “go-to person” from your staff is assigned to interact with your BBP Consultant. This person can be fully trained and then in turn train the rest of your staff.

A Demo Today!

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