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Customer Testimonials

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"BuyBackPro SQL is a great investment. We receive many compliments on a daily basis about the professionalism we maintain. Thank you BBP!"

Robert Okuda
Okuda Metal
Honolulu, HI


"NO software is 100% perfect, but this software has given us the ability to create reports at will, and was an easy install and training for all of our employees.  I know that BB Pro will implement these new California laws in an effective way, and will make being compliant an easy task.  BB Pro has proven to be on top of all new issues and small programming issues as they are discovered.  ...Worth the money."
Stewart Shirk
DBW Metals Recycling

Anaheim, CA

"BuyBackPro SQL is so simple to use that I learned how to operate it in a half of a day. It was so flexible, that when we bought it to purchase ferrous & non-ferrous items we had no idea that we would also be able to purchase our Roots, Herbs, Hides & Furs from this software as well. I have heard BuyBackPro refers to this as part of their ultimate flexibility plan.

Robin Coffman
Coffmans Metals
Birch River, WV

"The staff has always solved any down time almost immediately.  When changes were needed to the program, there was always someone willing to listen to meet our company's needs."

Nelda Umfress
Columbus Scrap Metal
Columbus, OH

'In my opinion BuyBackPro is the best scrap software on the market. I’ve personally tested other companies software and BuyBackPro beats them hands down. Everett, Shane, and their entire staff are very courteous  and helpful. Their program is easy to learn and easy to use and are always ahead of the curve when it comes to updates and compliance.'

Alan Covitz
Powerline Scrap Metal
Pompano Beach, FL





I've been using buy back pro for 4 years now and can't image how I ever did this before. Thank you buy back pro for making my business run faster and smoother. 
Pic to follow. 

Philip Toews

Atwater Iron and Metal
Atwater, CA